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Effects of Hard Water

When you wash clothes in hard water they can ften look dull & feel scratchy. The water's minerals will combine with the salts of soils. This is really hard to remove. Soil on clothes can often lead to more hard inducing minerals into the water. Laundering in hard water can reduce the life span of clothers by upto 40% . In hard water, a detergent's effectiveness is hurt and more detergent is required.

Washing Machines
Washing Machines can also be problematic. Inside the washing machine a buildup of limescale on the heating element will cause the washing machine to fail. This can also be problematic on drums, pipes and hoses.Such buildup will cause the premature breakdown of your machine and can lead to flooding.

Did You Know?
Limescale starts building up and damaging appliances
from the very first use.

1 in 10 irons sold is returned within 1 year.
65% of these are due to limescale damage.

You will notice that bathing with soap in hard water often leaves a solid scummy soap solution on the skin. This film can reduce ones ability to remove bacteria and dirt. Soap scum may also lead to irritation. It can also make your hair dull, dry and difficult to manage.

Boiler Systems and Pipework
Hard water also makes it difficult for appliances to operate effectively. Heated hard water forms a scale of calcium and magnesium minerals (limescale deposits) causing pipes to block with scale, reducing water flow and ultimately leading to pipe replacement. Limescale can increase your energy bill by upto 25%Limescale in Solar Heating Systems
Solar heating, is particularly susceptible to limescale build up. This can be particularly irritating in swimming pools that rely on solar energy. A low cost solution is to use an eddy descaler before the pump. This will prevent and remove limescale build-up.

Fit an Eddy to reduce hard water problems

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