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Is Hard Water Bad For You?

While the effects on one's health are fairly limited Hard Water does have negative impacts on the home and industry. The mineral build-up on plumbing, and heating elements of household products affects their performance and service life. However, the calcium and magnesium in drinking water is actually beneficial to us.

Many people in the USA and other countries need to soften their water. Standard salt fed "ionic exchange" or "reverse osmosis" water softener systems remove these beneficial minerals and add potentially unhealthy sodium to the water from salt. The Eddy electronic water treatment device, however, does not remove the healthy calcium from drinking water, nor does it add any chemicals to the water.

The National Research Council proclaims that drinking hard water can partly satisfy ones calcium and magnesium dietary needs. It also states that in instances where calcium and magnesium concentrate are very high, this can be the primary magnesium and calcium contributor to the human diet.

Researchers are forever studying the relationship between the hardness of water and mortality rates as a result of cardiovascular disease. Such studies have been 'epidemiological studies,'

There are some studies which suggest a definite relationship between hard water and lower cardiovascular disease mortality. However others do not suggest a relationship. The National Research Council deems results at this time to be inconclusive.

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