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I promised to send you some feedback, so I wanted to let you know that, after just a few months, the "Eddy" is working great! I no longer notice any scale buildup on my showerheads, and the water now makes both our skin and hair feel so much softer. It is one green technology that actually works. Thanks for a great product!
Mr D.P., Versailles, KT

I own Eddy and have had it working for almost one year and love it.
Mr R.G., Vermont

I just wanted to let you know that I was skeptical about your product. I have a Well. Water was hard and problems with scaling. With your product no more hard water. Water is soft and no more scaling. My skin is soft now and I love the water. It`s hard to hold on the bar of soap. Scaling is gone.You just wipe water spots off the chrome. No more buying salt....... I love your product.
Mr G.F., Briggsville, WI

"We have used the Eddy descaler on our salt pool for over a year in Mesa, Arizona. The Eddy descaler has reduced the white scale ring dramatically. What little white scaling we get around the pool tile edge is easily brushed off.

We have also used the Eddy descaler on our house and landscaping water system. Dramatic results have been achieved especially in the yard, our cement planters before Eddy looked like they had been sprayed with white paint. Now they are nearly completely without the while scale. Also, the drip line heads are not clogging with scale and don't need to be replaced or cleaned each year!

I'm ordering 5 more units 3 for neighbor and daughter's houses and two for neighbor pools"
Mr J.W. , Mesa, AZ

"We never believed that a product could be so effective. We tried other water softeners that required regular replacement of filters etc. and yet did not perform in the same way as Eddy does. Since Eddy has been installed we have not had to clean shower heads or remove any lime scale from any of the taps. The results are very satisfactory"
Mr R.M.J. , Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

"Water appears softer and areas around sinks and taps
are either clear of scale or scale is very easy to remove"

Mrs.B.S. , Covenham, Lincolnshire, UK

"This is an excellent product, I cannot rate it highly enough. We had a severe problem with hard water affecting our combi boiler. We had already spent lots on repair and were on the verge of getting a new boiler to try and resolve the problem. Within a few weeks of the Eddy being installed (after putting the heating on constantly for a few days) the problem fixed and was as good as new saving us thousands. I always recommend this product now if anyone has a problem"
Mr A.M. , Newbury, Berkshire, UK

"To be honest I did not think this would work, but it does. The shower head is so much easier to clean and the taps only need to be wiped over. No more limescale remover needed. Not a bad investment"
Mr J.K.O. , Feltham, Middlesex, UK

"We bought and fitted an Eddy about 6 weeks ago. About 2 weeks after fitting we noticed a difference in our 5 month old daughters skin. Previously her skin had been very dry and scaly and no amount of skin cream seemed to make a difference. Since then her skin has been baby soft (as it should be!). We have on occasions visited friends overnight and bathed the baby at their house - the condition of her skin immediately deteriorates but reverts back as soon as we are home. This isn't the type of "de-scaling" we had expected but is a very welcome bonus. Regards and many thanks from a satisfied customer"
Mrs.E.B. , Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

"We are extremely happy with the product and would advise anybody to install Eddy without any hesitation. An excellent product"
Mr G.A. , Chilwell, Nottinghamshire, UK

"I've been using Eddy now since mid-October last year & have to say, it certainly appears to be working. There's no more limescale build-up in the upstairs toilet or on the bath & taps, whereas before it was awful. Also, I've noticed that after a shower, my face doesn't 'burn' anymore. I've also just bought a new washing machine, so I'm sure it will be benefiting too"
Mr S.M. , Farnham, Surrey, UK

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