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Water Treatment Devices


Primary Use


Eddy Electronic Descaler

Inhibits limescale formation

Prevents scale deposits in pipes, equipment

Improves cleaning action of soaps, detergent

Does not chemically soften water but does provide broadly similar benefits with no ongoing maintenance

Carbon Filter

Removes chlorine, some organic chemicals, resin, general taste and odor problems

Does not remove nitrate, bacteria, or metals. Periodic replacement of activated charcoal required

Mechanical Filter

Removes sand, soil, and other causes of turbidity

Requires regular cartridge replacement or backwashing (depending on type) to maintain effectiveness

Water Softener

Replaces water hardness minerals (calcium, magnesium) with sodium

Improves cleaning action of soaps, detergent

Prevents scale deposits in pipes, equipment

Removes calcium and magnesium, replacing with sodium (consult physician if sodium in diet is a health concern)

Softened water can be more corrosive than unsoftened water

Periodic backwashing and regeneration required

Iron Filter

Removes iron and manganese that can cause staining of clothes and plumbing fixtures

Prevents odour caused by iron, manganese

Periodic backwashing, addition of potassium permanganate required (frequency dependent on water usage, iron content)


Treats corrosive or acidic water

May increase sodium or water hardness

Distillation Units

Removes most impurities including minerals and organic chemicals from drinking water.

Distillation takes time and can be expensive. Storage space is needed for treated water.

Distilled water has a flat or bland taste.

Hard water increases maintenance of distiller.

Reverse Osmosis

Removes most dissolved and suspended impurities from water.

Reverse osmosis wastes up to 50% of water. Process requires time and storage of treated water.

Hard water clogs membrane.

Carbon and mechanical filters may be required to pre-treat water.

Eddy - The Answer to Hard Water and Limescale

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